ELI’s focus is on a wholistic, stake holder inclusive approach in solving problems related to the global education sector.

ELI has established, over the last decade, strong local and international relationships with educators and schools in the USA, Middle East and North Africa.

ELI focuses on providing professional services and support to its clients and other stakeholders in a timely manner.

ELI is focused on win-win relationships with all stakeholders that are primarily based on trust.

ELI endeavors to implement quality systems and become an ISO compliant and a six sigma company.

  • The true genius of the ELI solution is its juxtaposition with traditional computing design and teacher/student functionality.
  • While current personal computers, laptops, tablets and other personal devices focus on complex operating systems requiring ever expanding hardware capabilities, the ELI solution offers very sophisticated solutions in a mid-range hardware design, immaterial of its operating system.
  • The proprietary technology allows for very small memory and processing power, resulting in significantly reduced hardware costs over conventional information storage.
  • The proprietary “closed system” saves huge amount of money in terms of administrative costs since it does not allow pop ups, accidental visits to pornographic or games sites which bring in viruses and Trojans.
  • It also eliminates the need for schools to buy expensive smart boards, which are most often damaged with a scratch or due to day-to-day wear and tear.
  • Works with content in any format eliminating the need to spend large amounts of money to migrate from one format such as PDF, to another format such as HTML.
  • Protects publishers’ content since nothing from the content can be copied, deleted, transferred out or changed.
  • Evaluated by Saudi Ministry of Education personnel for not only meeting current day requirements but also for the futuristic requirements of Smart School concepts.
  • The flexible and cost effective ELI system has all the features that are needed by a traditional classroom, any Learning Management System as well as Distance Education.
  • Students can learn anytime, anywhere and also at their own pace.
  • Highly beneficial to students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
  • Education sector: Private and Public Schools
  • Learning Institutions: Colleges, Universities and Other Institutions
  • Language institutes
  • Training centers of banks, defense academies, medical industries, military, ministries, etc.
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