Company Profile

Electronic Learning Inc. came into existence as a result of transfer of technology from Interactive Learning Systems, USA – a company that pioneered the world’s first, full size, 11 x 9 inch, education focused tablet, along with an educational system, as far back as May 2000. That was an era when no common man had heard of a tablet, least of all having seen one. The comprehensive system not only had different “apps” but also interactive toys and games, aimed at sustaining “learning” in K-12 children.

ELI system went through rigorous R&D during the development and testing stages. Subsequently, pilot programs and studies conducted in USA and Saudi Arabia helped refine the system based on feedback received from students, teachers, parents, administrators, parent-teachers associations and regulatory authorities.

In the midst of the Saudi pilot, ELI and one of its co-founders (ELI’s current CEO) were subjected to some painful experiences and circumstances, in the form of legal challenges thrown at them by the then President. The honorable judge dismissed the contract case for lack of evidence against the co-founder (ELI’s current CEO). However, both ELI and its current CEO emerged much stronger from the ordeal.

Subsequently, after preliminary restructuring, ELI was again incorporated in 2013, in the State of Nevada, USA. Nevertheless, apart from the stress, trauma and nightmares, there was a huge drain on finances and an unnecessary loss of time. This situation forced major adjustments not only to ELI’s management team, but also to its mission and vision; and realign them all with current market demands and expectations.

Presently, ELI has world class, proprietary, cost effective, education focused technology, developed into ready-to-market, comprehensive and unique educational system. Third party evaluation and studies have shown that the ELI system has no comparable “substitutes”, alternatives or parallels. The only available solutions on a global level are nothing more than “partially complimentary” offerings.

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